years of not being Costa


people escaped our vault since 04/2019

Home to the finest booze, coffee, food, escape room and VR available to humanity.

Quirky coffeehouse, bar, party and event venue on the London Road, Brighton.

What else…
Escape The Vault. 
40 minutes to crack the code and get the f**k out!
VR cafe based on the 1st floor virtual gaming for 7-700 year olds.

it kicks in before reality does

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Full Bar...

Full bar including lager, cider, pale ale, Hooch, craft beer, spirits
Fizzy drinks - Dalstons, Cawston Press, Fritz Kola, Club Mate
CBD oil
Love. Sorry, that’s free.

... and of course

It's a coffeehouse remember?Coffee, Cakes, biscuits, pastries, Retail coffee, Tea, ChariTea, Cold Brew, Vegan and vegetarian sarnies, whatever else rocks our boat on a gloomy day.

Cakes & Sandwiches

Nutritious and delicious goodness made from scratch, including lots of vegan options.
Freshly baked.


Rug bag collection of artists, designers, writers, movers, shakers and makers. Also handle Ed's events...

The VR Room

VR cafe based on the 1st floor at Presuming Ed’s - virtual gaming for 7 - 700 year olds.

Escape the Vault

Escape room in the old bank vault at Ed’s. 40 minutes to crack the code and get the f**k out! 


Become Part of Our story

Get in! café, vault, garden, art & vr


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Address: 114-115, London Rd, Brighton BN14JG
OT: Tue - Sat 09:00-15:00
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