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Hire Eds!

Want a slick, organised and upmarket venue for your party? You’ve come to the wrong place. Why not hire Ed’s instead. We hate the word ‘quirky’ (‘ain’t they quaint?’) so we don’t use it (much, except on our home page duh) but can’t think of another; but if you want a venue that’s not in the heart of stag & hensville, has an alternative vibe, good sound system to play your playlists, fine coffee, booze and food, mixed toilets and lots of talking points, then get in touch.

First, some details: 80 people max, 60 min; 6-12pm; £200 returnable deposit; £1000 min spend

Get in! café, vault, garden, art & vr


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Address: 114-115, London Rd, Brighton BN14JG
OT: Tue - Sat 09:00-15:00
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